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A program to develop a potential ability of the brain develops an academic performance of children, a thinking ability and a business sense of adults dramatically!

Let's think about it!

A football coach, for example,
How does he come up with tactics and move players?
An art designer, for example,
How does he come up with the composition of a painting and color it?
A judge, for example,
Based on what consideration, he derives a reasonable judgment?
Einstein, for example,
Through what thinking process he created the theory of relativity?
Then, the high hurdle that children cannot pass through their lives without avoiding; which is entrance examinations, as well as exams for qualifications, research and development, the world of business, and so on.
What capacity it is that is needed to win a real success?
You will notice immediately that it doesn’t take only a single capacity.
Here is the answer: World standard! Brain power development program B-MAT.
For children who are responsible for the next generation, for you to play an active role in society, and for a fresh start in life, why don’t you think of the meaning of enhancing the power of the brain?

B-MAT aim

For three elements, decomposition
and reconstruction ability need to
be developed through visualization

Capacity building which is required to tackle a wide variety of exercises, for example, math questions, language questions, physical questions, principles of economics, portfolio, ergonomics, and so on…this is what B-MAT aims for.
B-MAT is not intended to acquire a solution pattern by aimlessly solving questions such as number puzzle, spatial figures or conditional logic formula operations.
The word "Image (visualization)" is included in each name of the program of B-MAT, i.e., Spatial image, Quantities image, Conditional/Logical image. "Image" is the key word of B-MAT.
For example, when solving a math question, children who are good at math will visualize information given in the question individually, transform it in their heads, rearrange it, and convert it to an image appropriate to the answer, and reconstitute it, all subconsciously.
If you simply apply a formula or existing pattern, you will encounter the limit at some stage. The difference between children who are good at math and who are not will become clear at this point. Ability to decompose, convert, and reconstruct by visualizing information will come up to the surface as "applied skills", so to speak.
In addition, not only in arithmetic, but also in law, biology or whatever, an image to be exerted is not limited to only a single image. Even in art stream subjects, there is a case where quantity image is required, and even in science stream subjects, conditional/logical image is required in some cases. Thus, multiple images are working with complexity.
The ultimate goal of B-MAT is to acquire an ability to freely make use of images (visualize) in space, quantity, or condition/ logic questions by integrating them. And we believe that such ability is an element essential for those who perform academic and intellectual activities.

Abilities which can be developed


Introductory lessons

It has various "Introductory lessons", which are designed to have you study the approach, learning point, and the logic comprehensibly as well as merrily using animated film and illustration format.
(It also takes a role to keep us motivation)


There are two kinds of training as follows:

1. Quick Training
? Preparation for World Cup, etc.

2. Junior Training
? Special program for younger children

*Both kinds of training mentioned above are of two types, namely, the training with Web screen and the training with text.
*Download the texts are available.

B-MAT Examinations

There are 3 kinds of proficiency tests as follows:

?Spatial Perception  ?Logical & Hypothetical Thinking  ?Sense Of Amount

*Each of the above proficiency tests has the following three levels. (The Junior level is optional)
Junior => Bronze => Silver => Gold => Platinum

World Cup

The users of B-MAT around the world unfold the heated battle on the Web once every month ? That’s the World Cup. (The World Cup Junior for younger children will also be staged)

You will compete in time trial contest for the same contents in the proficiency test and training.